Our Story

We are design thinkers who create transformative experiences rooted in business strategy.

Founded in 1993 by Patty Lindstrom, Creative Logic continues to live by the principles it was founded upon. We have always believed that people are at the center of delivering value to companies and living by the ideals we set for our business, our community and the global society. When we put people at the center and build positive cultures – growth is stronger and we build meaning into our customers experiences.

Today’s economic, cultural, technological and generational shifts will drive brands to come together through aspiration, innovation and participation. Our team of strategists, planners, designers and technologists combine deep expertise with commitment to work in collaboration with our clients. Together we develop sustainable growth, increased relevance and positive social impact.

Our brand was built upon the aspiration and core knowledge that strategy combined with design thinking has always made sense for business. Hence CREATIVE LOGIC."

We are known for our immersive style, being communications savvy and highly conceptual yet grounded in reality. Our integrated approach enables clients to build business while building their brands. We define strategy and build the media channels around it. Not vice versa. We work across industries and scale quickly. We only take on projects that we believe we can help to make a difference and we know we will have an impact in the process.

Creative Logic & partners have been paving paths for transformative businesses and non-profits for close to a quarter century. We strive to design meaningful and relevant brand experiences at every possible touchpoint—because this is what successful brands do.