Our Process

Living the Brand® Acceleration

We got our start in the midwest and are proud of this. We’ve been inspired by some of the most innovative leaders on the planet through our experience and consistent immersion in Silicon Valley and our global reach. Through this exposure we’ve learned how to embrace collaboration, challenge conventional thinking and invent new ways of doing things.

Our processes put aside linear thinking and the ridiculous amount of time invested. We set aside preconceived notions about what should be done or remaining status quo. Our belief is that innovation is not born out of this approach. We challenge conventional models, are open to fresh ideas and work to form prompt hypotheses. We use rapid prototyping methodologies and experimentation to gauge what ideas will work. We learn from research, analytics and insights - enough to move ahead with confidence knowing that ideas often improve as they move forward.

Our thinking, trademarked processes and a flexible set of tools allow us to deliver measurable outcomes and amazing work for our clients.

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  • Strategic Framework
    Develop strategic frameworks with flexibility, experiment and adjust on the go. We work in tandom by exploring creative execution in parallel mode. Then move on promptly to prototyping solutions.
  • Rapid Prototyping
    Build prompt models to allow collaborative testing, evaluation of ideas and better decision making through an iterative approach.
  • Brand Culture Alignment
    Bring together brand and culture working to unify and create meaning - the two should become one. We believe that sustainable branding is more about beliefs and behaviors and less about image.
  • Immersive Collaboration
    Working hand in hand with our clients we explore, experiement, develop and evaluate ideas so that together we can solve challenges and drive growth.
  • Business and Brand Integration
    Organization of our resources tied to specific practice areas yet supported by multidisciplinary teams. This process allows us to truly work in an integrated manner.